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Obstetrical Manikin
Childbirth Simulator 17840

Removable diaphragm end plate for manual positioning of fetal baby/babies
Removable stomach cover for positioning fetus
Life-size pelvic cavity with major anatomic landmarks
Hand-painted outline of the bony pelvis
Three soft vulval inserts for episiotomy exercises
One baby boy and one baby girl, each with umbilical cord and placenta
Anatomically accurate backbone and fontanelles on fetal baby/babies
One skin-tone stomach cover
Four extra umbilical cords
Two umbilical clamps
Talcum powder
Instruction manual
Soft carrying bag
Versatile Birthing Torso 17841   พิเศษสุดๆ50,000บาทชุด
 Lightweight birthing torso available in light, medium or dark skin colors
 Vertex or breech deliveries
 Vacuum augmentation or forceps assisted deliveries
 Replaceable vulval inserts and highly distensible cervices
 Two removable abdominal covers: one transparent and one opaque
 Audible maternal heart sounds from 0 to 200 bpm
 Audible newborn heart sounds from 0 to 220 bpm
 Audible newborn cries, grunting, and stridor.
 Fetus with elevating pillow for practicing Leopold maneuvers
 Rectum allows medication
Obstetical Training 17184
Weight: About 13kg Case size: W74×D37×H55cm
Accessories: External genitalia (skin color/transparent), Vinyl Fetus, Lubricant oil, Baby powder
Supine position, all fours (Knee-chest position) possible
The Cervix Examination Simulator
A model of the external female genitalia manufactured from a soft, lifelike plastic, with a set of six interchangeable cervix simulations. The cervix simulations are inserted into the model to allow the student to practice measuring the cervix prior to birth.
The Cervix Examination Simulator Set stages are:
•no dilatation 
•2cm dilatation with 50% effacement 
•2cm with 100% effacement
•5cm with 100% effacement
•7cm with 100% effacement
•9cm with 100% effacement
And Fetal Head Simulator
A life size foetal head, made from a soft, tissue like material to give a very lifelike feel. The internal bony structure has realistic fontanelles, the individual bones move independently and the head can be moulded. Its lifelike properties make it

1 Torso
1 Birthing system with mounting flange
5 Dilating cervices

Articulating birthing baby
Vulvas – fully dilated
Three Vulva for postpartum suturing
2 Umbilical cords
Carrying case
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