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ชุดแผ่นกระดานรองCPR (CPR Board)
MODEL: YCPRB01                             ราคาพิเศษ5,300.-
Specification: 1.6kg

Product Description
C.P.R.board is designed and tested for aid in the administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.The Board is anatomically contoured to properly position a patient for effective application of external cardiac compression and to open the airway .Upper surface texture ribbing stabilizes board during resuscitation .Recessed handles facilitate board positions and lifting/transferring patients.
Design of the Head Position:It helps to properly position to ensure a constant ,open airway during CPR.The depressed head cup maintains the alignment of the patient’s .
Head Design of the Hardness:High-density polyethylene plastic construction provides a firm surface. It supports the back and helps to have the most effective pressure, which is the most favorable for the CPR.
Design of the Inclination and Curve:Matching with Human Engineering perfectly.
CPR is designed for the Department of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. CPB Board is an excellent aid in CPR training and administration. According to the outline of human in Anatomy,it helps to properly position a patient to ensure a constant,open airway during CPR.It can be used in the first aid in Department of Emergence,ICU,Emergence Ambulance,Different Departments in Hospital, plane ,school, factory
ชุดแผ่นกระดานรองหลังชนิดยาว (Long Spinal Board)

•Dimensions: 40cm x 183cm x 6.5cm.
•Weighs 6.2 kgs. (single board)
•14 handholds
•Handhold width of 2 inches
•Handhold length of 5.25 inches
•Minimum storage space for 2 boards of approximately 4.00 inches
•12 Pins
•Carbon fiber rods
•CE marked
•Operating temperature: -18°C to 43°C (0°F to 110°F)
•Storage temperature: -18°C to 43°C (0°F to 110°F)
•Limited lifetime warranty
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